Accidental Digital Marketing and Strategy Executive

I’d love to tell you this career path was a calculated move, but it was purely accidental.


Marketing found me, more than I found marketing. During undergrad, I worked for a (very) small business – four employees – tasked with managing the AP, AR, and payroll. I even, misguidedly, considered majoring in accounting, until I “pitched” the owner on creating a catalog and sending it to our mailing list.

I’d never heard of direct marketing, or marketing, for that matter. If questioned, I would have guessed, “advertising.” The record was set straight during the first day of required course, MAR 3023, Intro to Marketing – the prof said, “marketing is the creative arm of business.”

With that one statement, and my new title as marketing coordinator, I changed my major and was on my way to doing what I love. However, it wasn’t until I wanted to change industries that I found digital.

While working for EDS, I had an opportunity to help establish a new group, Internet & New Media. That move changed my future career trajectory and now I lead digital marketing teams that build and manage amazing programs and products that have measurably delivered top- and bottom-line impacts, earned industry awards, top rankings from research firms, and garnered consistent consumer accolades!


Speaking Engagements

November – BAI Retail Delivery 2014, Session Speaker; Chicago, Illinois.

September – American Banker’s Financial Services Marketing + Innovation Symposium, Session Speaker; New York, New York.

May – “Social Care in a Highly Regulated Industry,” at Lithium’s LiNC conference in San Francisco, California.


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